Welcome to Eagle's Nest


We would like to welcome you to the Eagle's Nest Homeschool Supply Website.  We are a family owned business striving to aid parents in educating your children to the Glory of God.  Stop by our store in San Ramon (12907 Alcosta Blvd. Ste. E) on or after our Grand Opening on May 17, 2014.  Also check out our products on this website.  These products will continue to increase as our business grows.  We can also provide many more products than we currently stock.  Special orders are very welcome since that helps us know what parents want!  If you would like to place a special order, please call us at (209)566-9551 or email us at info@bernalinvestment.com.  


Used Books

We carry used items in our store only.  Our stock of used books will always be changing, and we will not be able at this point to sell them over the internet, so please come into our store to look through our Used Book room.  


Classes & Workshops

We also host classes and workshops.  We will keep the website updated as classes and workshops are scheduled.  Please call us at (209)566-9551 or email us at info@bernalinvestment.com if you would like to teach a class or workshop.


Charter Schools

As a vendor for Charter schools we carry far more products than are currently on our website.  Please call us at (209)566-9551 or email us at info@bernalinvestment.com if you want to order something that is not on our site.  


Shipping Charges

The following charges apply:

For orders of $0.00 - $49.00 Shipping costs $7.99 

For orders of $49.01 - $99.00 Shipping costs $10.99 

For orders of $99.01 and up Shipping costs $12.99 



To search by subject, use the Products pull down menu on the tool bar at the top of each page.  To search by grade, use the search function on the top of each page.  To narrow a search use the browse function to filter items within that subject.